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Bible 201

Bible 201 - Atonement

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Isaiah 6: 1-13

LOOKING INTO THE SCRIPTURE/20 Minutes. Read Isaiah 6:1-13 and discuss.

1. What might Isaiah have prayed before the vision? 
    a. I'm helpless 
    b. I'm frustrated
    c. I'm lonely
    d. the burden is too great

2. What do you think might have been Isaiah's initial response as the vision began to unfold?
    a. awe
    b. fear
    c. guilt
    d. motivation

3. What did Isaiah mean when he said, "My lips are unclean, and I live among a people of unclean lips"?
    a. there is a problem with my speech
    b. there is a problem with my heart
    c. I'm just like the others

    d. God knows everything!

4. How do you think Isaiah felt after the burning coal experience?

    a. confused
    b. encouraged a
    c. free 
    d. equipped
    e. charged 

5. Why was Isaiah sent to people who didn't see, hear, or understand?
    a. to warn them 
    b. to open eyes, ears, and hearts
    c. to contrast God's will and people's sin
    d. to test Isaiah's commitment

6. What hope is found in the "stump" (v.13)?
    a. God is at work
    b. relationship will be restored
    c. Jesus will come
    d. God works through the faithful
    e. God separates evil from good
     f. a new beginning

MY OWN STORY/25 Minutes.
1. If I were Isaiah, the sense of _______ rwould be the first to get my attention.
    a. sight
    b. smell
    c. hearing
    d. feeling
    e. taste
2. The angel who brought the "burning coal" to me was:
    a. a family member
     b. a friend
     c. a stranger
     d. church worker
     e. I'm still waiting for my angel

3. If I've had one experience where I could to those say "My eyes have seen the king" it would be:
     a. a near death experience
     b. a dream
     c. when I was in trouble
     d. a worship experience
     e. a camp

4. Check the ministries that would be the most difficult for you to say, "Here am I, and send me!"

   __tell a friend about Jesus
    --lead neighborhood prayer group
    --teach children
    --teach adults

    --prison/jail visitation
    --hospital/nursing home visitation
    --food closet
    --homeless shelter
    --open my home to others
    --build/repair buildings

    __befriend a lonely persona
    __foreign missions
    __ethical decisions at work sys
    __other: ____________________________________________________________

6. If all the members of your small group appeared at your church saying, "Here we are, send us!", how would your church staff react?

    a. blind, deaf and dumb
    b. shock and disbelief 
    c. relief
    d. affirmations 
    e. good ideas 
    f. rejection


MATTHEW 27:45-56

LOOKING INTO THE SCRIPTURE/25 Minutes. Read Matthew 27:45-56 and discuss.

1. If you were the editor of the Jerusalem Times, what headline would you pick to describe the events of thee Scripture passage the next day?
    a. strange darkness descends
    b. earthquake rocks city
    c. temple curtain ruined
    d. dead people reported seen
    e. spiritual leader killed
    f. three thieves crucified
2. How would you describe Jesus in his obituary?
    a. prominent civic leader
    b. controversial teacher
    c. troublemaker

    d. failure

    e. innocent victim 
    f. the so-called Messiah
    g. mysterious miracle worker
3. Of Jesus' own followers, how many do you think understood what was happening to Jesus on the day he died?

    a. not one

    b. maybe the women

    c. the centurion

    d. only his disciples
4. Why did darkness cover the land for three hours?
    a. just a coincidence
    b. an eclipse of the sun
    c. God was mad at the world
    d. the darkness of sin reigned
5. What caused Jesus to cry out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"  (see Psalm 22)
    a. the physical pain he was suffering
    b. the feeling that God had deserted him
    c. God really did turn his back on him at that moment
    d. God did not send his angels to rescue him as he expected
    e. he thought the whole world had turned against him
    f. he was angry at God
6. What is so significant about the curtain in the temple being torn in two?
    a. the barrier between God and man was taken away
    b. everyone can approach God directly now
    c. no more need for mystery
    d. fellowship restored between God and mankind

MY OWN STORY/20 Minutes.
1. When you think about the death of Jesus, what person in this story best describes you?
    a. the temple crowd-detached, cynical
    b. the one who brought the sponge-hostile jokester
    c. one of the people raised from the dead
    d. the centurion-terrified but awed
    e. women followers-sympathetic and caring
2. What remains a mystery to you about the death of Jesus?
    a. why it ever happened
    b. how God could let it happen
    c why nobody came to his rescue
    d. why the disciples didn't understand
    e. how the earthquake and the darkness happened
3. At what point in your life did you come to realize that Jesus died for you?"
    a. as a child
    b. years ago
    c. just recently
    d. don't know that I have
4. How would you describe the way the death of Jesus has impacted your life, lifestyle and whole system of values?
    a. a little bit
    b. a whole lot
    c. not as much as it should
    d. a lot more than it used to
    e. I'm not sure


Bible 201 - Grace


Joshua 24:1-27

LOOKING INTO THE SCRIPTURE/25 Minutes. Read Joshua 24:1-27 and discuss.

1. What does God mean by verse 13?
a. you're going to feel out of place here
b. I've given you a head start
c. this land is a gift to you
d. you owe me one

2. After all they've been through, why are
the Israelites given a choice now?
a. Joshua has doubts about their commitment
b. faith is always a choice for the believer
c. you can't serve God and something else
d. Joshua is soliciting support for his leadership

3. What was behind the people's saying, "We too will serve the Lord, because he is
our God"?
a. unblemished faith and commitment
b. fear of what God might do otherwise
c. a little too much self-confidence
d. a sense of obligation

4. If Joshua comes on a little strong in vv. 
a. This is serious business
b. Joshua is old-he doesn't have to be tactful
c. once you commit, there's no turning \back
d. there's a limit to God's patience

5. What makes you think the Israelites are going to stay committed?
a. they had fair warning
b. it was a solemn occasion
c. they agreed to throw away their old
d. they had a stone to remind them of their promise

e. there are no guarantees

MY OWN STORY/20 Minutes.

1. What other gods besides the Lord are you tempted to serve?
a. money
b. power
c. affection
d. addiction
e. leisure
f. security
g. certain people in my life

2. How do you feel about making a choice between God and something else?
a. no hesitation to choose God
b. I'm not sure yet
c. I might be able to after I get this question answered:
d. this God is not for me

3. In what way has God shown his faithfulness to you?
a. he called me to be his person
b. he has done some miraculous things in my life
c. he has protected me on the journey
d. he has overcome great obstacles in my life
e. he has shown me how weak the

4. What could remind you of your commitment to the Lord?
a. the cross I wear or carry
b. my Bible
c. a daily prayer of commitments
d. regular worship with other believers
e. other ...

5. As a group, go through the steps of covenant that Joshua led his people to do. Renew your commitment to the Lord by having each person:
1. share one thing God has done for your group or your family (Jos 24:2-13)
2. identify one concrete step that would demonstrate your commitment (Jos 24:14-18)
3. write down on a piece of paper the "god" you wish to now "forsake" (Jos 24:23-24)
4. crumble your paper and throw it into the wastebasket provided by your group facilitator
5. celebrate with a prayer or a song


Luke 15:11-32 -- LOOKING INTO THE SCRIPTURE/20 Minutes.
1. Why do you think the prodigal son decided to leave home?
a. to grow up
b. to get away from his father's values
c. he wasn't appreciated at home
d. to try to make it on his own
e. to get away from his older brother

2. What was it that caused the prodigal son
to come to his senses?
a. homesickness
b. guilt for what he had done
c. feeling sorry for himself
d. feeling sorry for his father
e. hunger pangs
f. realization that he was stupid
g. he "hit bottom"


3. When the prodigal son returned home, what was his father's attitude?

a. come on in, but you are grounded

b. you have disgraced the family

c. where's the money?

d. I don't approve of what you've done, but you are still my son

e. welcome home, Son; I love you


4. When the older brother (who had been good) heard music and dancing, what was his attitude?

a. it's unfair

b. don't expect me to forgive him

c. no use being good

d. he blew his inheritance, and now he is blowing mine


5. Do you think that the father was wise to give his son his inheritance when he knew his son would probably blow it?
6. If the father had a pretty good idea where his son had gone, do you think he should have gone after him?
7. Do you think it was wise for the father to "kill the fatted calf" and throw a party when his son came home?
8. Do you think the father split his inheritance a second time so that the prodigal son could have some spending money?   

Hope So

Hope Not


MY OWN STORY/20 Minutes. Share some of your own story of this parable
1. By temperament and experience, whom do you identify with in this story?
a. prodigal son
b. older brother
c. the father

2 If you had to compare your spiritual journey to the prodigal's journey, where are you
a. at home, but not too happy
b. in a far country
c. coming to my senses
d. on my way home, but not sure what I'll find
e. I've just arrived/feeling great
f. enjoying the fattened calf and the party  


3. When it comes to spiritual things, what is your response to God's "party"?
a. denial: there's no party in this life
b. party pooper: sorry, I'm too busy
c. party lover: I'm ready, let's party
d. wallflower: I'm there, but I can't dance

4. What's the lesson for you in this parable?
a. you've got to let your children go, even though you know they will probably blow it
b. God's love has no strings
c. waiting for your children to come is painful
d. older brothers have trouble enjoying the party
e. love overcomes mistakes

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