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Shanti Sadan
Ministries and Children's Home

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This ministry is run daily by a growing number of local ministers dedicated to spreading the Good News of Christ to the lower classes and untouchables of the area. The people are responding with excitement and the wish to know more about a God who loves them.

Please go to their web site ( to learn more about how this happened. They are also on Facebook, under Shanti Sadan Ministries. Our friend, Dr. Fred Tomaselli (formerly CEO of The Fold), provides spiritual guidance to the organization, and works closely with Sirish Joshua Yeeda, the CEO and a native of India.

The message of Christ is alive and growing in Andra Pradesh, similar to the growth of the early church during the lives of the apostle Paul, and Christ’s Disciples.

An Active Ministry

  1. Providing many food shelves for hungry children

  2. Providing and staffing an elementary Christian school for pre-K – sixth grade

  3. Building and operating an orphanage

  4. Providing Christian ministry to state prison inmates in the area

  5. Conducting a human trafficking awareness program for local villages

  6. Starting up a Christian seminary for training local ministers

  7. Providing food for pastors and widows in need

  8. Provision of sanitizers, masks, gloves and respirators for front line Covid workers, as well as hospitals in the area

  9. Provision of bags of groceries to nearby tribes suffering from hunger due to monsoons and Covid quarantines

  10. Gifts of presents to pastors’ families and other children during Christmas time

God's Work on the other side of the globe!

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I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”

REV. 7.9


Visit the Shanti Sadan Website!

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