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Pentecost -- A Sign of What's to Come

On this Pentecost Sunday we experience the Holy Spirit sparking us with the fire of God's creative love.

It will be this spark of creativity that will help us know how and when to fill this now empty space. . .

how to use it to weave us together, not drive us apart . . .

how to make it glow with life and worship.


On this Pentecost Sunday, we also experience the Holy Spirit blowing into our lives,

This Breath of God reminds us that in the meantime, just as our beloved Sanctuary is surrounded by blooming flowers and fresh green leaves. . .

we are surrounded by the Pentecost hope of newness of life. . .

of growth and vitality. . .

of breezes blowing hope through the community.


Anticipating the next chapter in the story of the United Church of Colchester, I leave you with these thoughts of Pentecost:

The Spirit

Creation stirs in its very presence

The desolation of dried up dreams, of loneliness, of fear

is touched by the living spark

As it moves about, isolation and despair are traded for abundant life

crowded with purpose

brimming with mess and bluster

electric, dancing, noisy

uncomfortable like adolescents discovering their bodies

Division is healed, hope instilled

Light pierces the darkness

Leaving nothing to do but love

Peace be to You!

Pastor Russ


Church photos by Adam Holmes.

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