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For All the Saints

This week we celebrate All Saints Day. We particularly hold up our brothers and sisters in Christ who have passed in the last year: Bob Magoon, Irving McKinstry, and Myrna Whaples, as well as many friends and family members .

But we also remember that with everything that comes from God, we are called to look forward with hope, faith, and love, empowered by the examples of the saints who are our blessed heritage.


To Sing of the Saints

To sing of the saints

is to sing a new song

ever new

remembering that which is coming

with gravity, not nostalgia

not wistful

but full, nevertheless

full of hope and strength

a heritage built on the future

the coming, not the gone

standing on the shoulders of the

gnarled and worked and needing rest

those molded

on hope, faith, and love

those three

First appeared in the Agape Review, November 1, 2021 (along with two other poems for All Saints Day: "Abba, I Thank You" and "Wiping the Tears of a Child of God").

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