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Bringing Light into Darkened Lives

image of lighted stairs leaving dark space
Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

Sitting in Darkness

If you are sitting in darkness

open your eyes

turn around to see if there’s light behind you

or above

or below

or to the side

not that side, the other side

get up and look for some light

ask for some light

maybe you should have asked

right after you opened your eyes

if (like Jonah) you know where the switch is …

If you see someone sitting in darkness

for God’s sake, don’t wait to be asked to share some light


The reference to Jonah reminds us that God sometimes sends us into dark places to serve or minister to those sitting in darkness. But when we are sent, we go with the Light.


Pastor Russ recently had four poems published in Agape Review, a wonderful source of Christian poetry.

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